About my birthplace.

I was born in Houston, Texas, and I resided within the historic and the outspoken, avant-garde Montrose neighborhood throughout my youth.  Today, I appreciate Houston for the same reasons as I began to appreciate the city over a decade ago.  The city of Houston represents a heavily diversified and friendly populace that is artistically and culturally aware, offering numerous centers and sites to celebrate and stage the arts.

About my second-home.

Los Angeles, California was and remains a primary destination for myself and my family.  Offering much of what I enjoy about Houston without the humidity and all of the Pacific Ocean to admire, Los Angeles is a wonderful environment to ground oneself, become inspired, and find cooperative partners of equal or greater measure to hurdle business and creative challenges.

About my European heart.

Europe won my heart from an early age with the allure of European-sanctioned motorsport championships.  It also won my heart with its imaginative landscape, remarkable history, and inspiring diversity of culture.  Monaco, Monza, and Paris are on my mind most days than not.

About my obsession with racing.

At an early age, I became attracted to the internationally famed IndyCar championship and series of the mid-nineties with the likes of Alessandro Zanardi and Juan Pablo Montoya feeding my obsession.  Attending many grand prix throughout the U.S. and Canada, this interest quickly escalated to a permanent interest in Formula 1 for the appeal of understanding the advanced technology, purity of competitive motorsport, and the glamour found in publications such as F1 Racing.  I naturally began following the World Rally Championship, Dakar-to-Paris Rally Raid, and MotoGP.

About my career in racing.

I became involved in simulated motorsport in 1996, began recreational karting, including indoor karting then attended several of North America’s pre-eminent racing academies as soon as I was of age. My consistency, natural pace, and race-craft impressed upon my then and now famed instructors. The pursuit of competition motorsport has been on a prolonged hiatus since failing to accommodate the budget required to test for a Formula 1 team at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

About my love for architecture, furniture, and real estate development.

I did not appreciate living in a home that was undergoing extensive remodeling, yet it became an eye-opening experience that I enjoy looking back on today.  My parents, then my siblings exposed myself to countless projects requiring a full-range of construction, design, and renovation skillsets.  When I began chasing sponsorships as a full-time gig when I finished secondary school, I got involved with large-scale commercial-oriented projects, picking up valuable development and fundraising techniques as a would-be developer.  I proposed several projects as I relocated between cities.  Eventually, this passion for spaces inspired me to initiate an interiors startup partnership once returning home from my studies abroad.

About my enjoyment of audio.

As a child, I was fortunate that our home featured an audiophile setup that revolved around a hi-fi system that was wired through a multi-channel, multi-room setup throughout our home.  From there, Top Gun motion picture soundtrack, Vanilla Ice, and the Sony Walkman made it personal, then came the Discman, then a Rio MP3 music player, and so on.  I became so involved with audio and music, I began producing tracks in junior high school utilizing digital audio production software.  Today, I enjoy following audiophile content and reading reviews on current and vintage systems.  I installed a Sony RSX-GS9 Hi-Res Automotive Receiver in my Porsche Carrera – I love it.

About my enjoyment of digital virtual entertainment.

It all began with a hand-me-down of an original Nintendo Entertainment System.  Over time, I have significantly increased the collection with additional titles and hardware.  With my addiction to simulation titles, I transitioned from console to the PC platform.  Mid-2000’s when the importance and flexibility of the PC platform began to fade, I began to invest heavily in my second love, the PlayStation and the Gran Turismo series.  I presently own a Sony PlayStation 4, and my go-to favorite title is Gran Turismo Sport, which I like to say is very representative of my digital self.